My Child’s Purpose

5 powerful steps to launch children on the path to destiny

Imagine preparing your children…
for an amazing future.

Would you like to develop a sense of purpose in your children? There are simple, yet powerful tools that only take moments a day to direct your children in life.

Would you like to know the secrets that many parents don’t know?

My Child’s Purpose can help!

When is the Right Time to Speak
to Your Child About Destiny?

If you are concerned about raising children that won’t just drift though life…you’re in the right place.

When I was a secondary teacher and college guest lecturer, I encountered many young people from all walks of life.

I thought to myself, “These children have great potential.”
Then I asked this question. “What do you believe is your purpose?”

Many of the students had never been asked that question, so they began to tell me what they wanted to do to earn a living.

But as far what they believed they were put on this earth to do, that seemed to be a foreign concept.

Many believed that their job didn’t matter as long as they could pay their bills.

How did we allow our children to get here?

Fast forward to 2018, by this time I’d talked to hundreds of parents and taught thousands of students, so I decided to write a children’s book and workshop to help them understand who they are, that they have significance in this world, and that their purpose is important.

That was great for the children, and it worked to a certain extent, but…

I really needed to give the parents tools to help them solidify what the children were learning.

This proven system has help hundreds of parents teach children to:

It’s time to make sure your children don’t drift throughout life.


“The concepts in this course serve as a gentle reminder to parents that need to encourage their children.” 
F. Harewood

“Anita is a gifted speaker and teacher and is perfect for inspiring and motivating parents.”
R. Bolling

“This course helped me start my children on the right path to their life goals.”

B. Badel

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What would it be worth to you if your children could learn today, what may have taken us years to learn?

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